Abdulla Al Humaidi Believes In Making A Difference

Abdulla Al Humaidi is an extremely successful businessman who currently runs a well-known company. The name of this great company is Kuwaiti European Holding Group. Check out how Abdulla Al Humaidi is making a big difference in people’s lives around the world. 


The Company’s Mission And Values


Here’s something that you should definitely know: Kuwaiti European Holding Group is extremely committed to serving its shareholders. How? When the Kuwaiti European Holding company invests in exceptional businesses, its shareholders are always happy. Abdulla Al Humaidi and his team are also committed to making a big difference in the community. For example, several of the team’s investments have resulted in many job openings. If you have many years of construction experience, you can probably find a job with an investment project. Does this sound like you? 


Meet Abdulla Al Humaidi


Abdulla Al Humaidi comes from a family of leaders. He has been frequently praised for monitoring exclusive portfolio investment projects. Doesn’t he sound powerful? Abdulla Al Humaidi takes pride in being a member of the prominent Al-Humaidi trading family. He only invests in companies that have the potential to offer strong returns. In the past, he has invested in Armila Capital and The London Resort. Abdulla Al Humaidi enjoys doing business with the Integrated Financial Services Group. He only pursues strategic investment ventures. Under the leadership of Abdulla Al Humaidi, Kuwaiti European Holding Group has offices all across the globe including Cairo and Dublin. The company was founded in 2008. If you want to learn more about what makes this company great, be sure to go to its website. 

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