Hacking The System With James Gutierrez

Because of covid-19 it’s not hard to imagine people are having a hard time when it comes to keeping a steady income. James Gutierrez has been using most of his time trying to make the already existing wealth a thing of the past. Because of the numbers put out by the federal reserve that 1% of the United States of America owns 29% of all the wealth. That is a third of all the wealth owned by the 1%. James Gutierrez believes that certain companies that are deemed more responsible to help lower income families become more stable. While working alongside these responsible companies James would push for government regulations to support people in places of hardship.

Mr. Gutierrez looked into what demographic uses things like financial assistance, loans and other types of financial help are usually 50% to 90%. In other words, most poor people aren’t using these avenues to help themselves. According to James its “expensive to be poor”. He makes the argument that if you have a low credit score and manage to get a loan you will be buried in interest rates. James encourages people to “hack the system”. What James means by this is finding ways to have the system work in your favor while working on getting regulations changed or put in place to benefit people who are having financial hardship. Even though things may seem uncertain or up in the air, it’s nice to know that there are people in places of wealth and power like James Gutierrez, that are willing to help society for the better.

Learn more about James: https://jamesgutierrezfintech.medium.com/