Securus Technologies Keeping Officers in Prison Safe

Every day that I should up for work at the local prison, I know I may not be coming home to my family due to the violence of the inmates. There are many inmates in our prison who are there for life, and hurting or killing one more person will not change the time they are going to be in jail. That being said, me and my fellow corrections officers have to work tirelessly to keep things out of the jail that these inmates could use to hurt us or others in the facility.


We spend a considerable amount of time each day in the visitor center looking for any exchanges between inmates and guests. My team does full body checks of both inmates and guests, trying to eliminate the chance of them having anything on them they can use to hurt someone else. We even take time to do surprise cell inspections in the hopes of rounding up anything that may have gotten by all those check points.


Securus Technologies is responsible for the new inmate call monitoring system that we now use to listen more intently to what goes on when the inmates use the phones. The new system does the work of several officers, and is currently installed in over two thousand jails. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, talks about how all 1,000 employees of his Dallas-based company are working to the objective of creating a safer world for all to live.


Once trained to work the LBS software, we discovered chatter from inmates concerning hiding weapons out in the yard. We picked up on calls from inmates discussing how to sneak drugs into the visitor center. We even heard inmates brag about doing drugs after lights out. Each time we get an alert, we take immediate action to secure the facility.

OSI Group Tallies Up International Awards

Food Processing named OSI Group to their coveted Top 100 Food and Beverage Company list. The privately-owned company provides meat and produce for quick service restaurants and has holdings around the world. Led by its Chairman and CEO, Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald, the company has over a dozen subsidiaries and divisions around the globe.

The company culture maintains a commitment to teamwork, sustainability, and growth throughout those subsidiaries and divisions. They won the award because of their commitment to their customers and clients around the globe, a commitment that also won Sheldon Lavin the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy.

Since joining the firm in the 1970s, Sheldon Lavin has guided the company from a domestic food supply company with a McDonald’s contract into a multibillion dollar food processor with 60 locations in 60 countries. The growth is also reflected in how they are continuing to build new locations to expand and meet the demand for their food products across the world.

That commitment extends all the way through the company. In late 2016, OSI Industries acquired Flagship Europe, a UK-based food company that provides pies, sauces, dressings and frozen poultry to consumers in the United Kingdom. The acquisition was meant to expand the OSI holdings in the European food market as well as offer Flagship Europe extended reach through new resources, customers and clients. The acquisition came shortly after Flagship Europe had acquired Calder Foods, which serves the To-Go market.

In May 2017, Flagship Europe received Trade Magazine Monthly’s Best Global Diversified Food Supplier–UK award for its dedication to creating menus that reflect the globalizing world. That’s definitely in keeping with the award-winning company that it joined last year.

In 2016, OSI also won the British Globe of Honour. Environmental protection has been a major focus for its president, David McDonald, who has pushed for better sustainability and environmental management tactics throughout OSI Group. To win, they had to maintain 5 stars for a year on the Environmental Audit scheme and demonstrate commitment to the environment from the shop floor to the board room.

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