Kim Dao Finally Returns To Perth, Australia

She’s back! That’s right, everyone’s favorite beauty vlogger Kim Dao has returned to her hometown of Perth, Australia. To experience her first full day back in Australia, check out Kim Dao’s vlog “First Day Back Home | Shopping & Food in Australia | Kim Dao.


Kim Dao starts out this video in a car with fellow YouTuber Rachel (aka OrangeTummy). Both Kim and Rachel are on their way to a YouTube meetup. Kim tells her viewers that she’s super excited to eat some authentic Australian breakfast food.


When Kim Dao and Rachel get out of the car, they are in Kings Park. There are tons of snacks at the YouTube meetup. Kim Dao just can’t resist eating a Krispy Kreme glazed donut.


In the next shot, Kim Dao is in the central business district of Perth. Rachel and Kim Dao stop in a clothing store known as Forever New. Kim Dao says Forever New is her favorite store in the whole wide world. Learn more:


After shopping for a bit, Kim Dao and Rachel decide to eat lunch at East Village. Kim orders the Americana hotdog, which has chili beef, bacon, and cheese sauce.


Once they’re done eating, Kim Dao takes us on a tour of some of Perth’s stores. She walks through H&M and Lush. Surprisingly, the prices in Perth’s Lush are cheaper than in Japan.


Anyone who has missed Kim Dao’s dog Yuki will find plenty of scenes with her at the end of the video.


Kim Dao closes the video enjoying dinner at the Crown Casino in Perth.


Madison Street Capital Rises Above All Odds to Become a Dominant Financial Service Provider Worldwide

Madison Street Capital is widely considered to be a top provider of financial solutions and advice to its diverse clientele worldwide. The Chicago-based institution has become adept at providing organizations and clients with premium access to credit, making smart investment decisions as well navigating tricky financial transactions. As a prominent entity in the industry, the company’s astute ability to provide merger consulting services as well as company valuation remains unmatched, this ultimately attracts well-known enterprises to its impressive portfolio.


Credit Provision


Madison Street Capital’s highly documented advisory services to Vital Care, an Illinois-based firm is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing high-quality services. With Madison’s intervention, Vital Care was in a prime position to identify suitable lenders and obtain a business loan. To attest to this fact, Vital Care’s CEO, lauded Madison’s partnership in such a lucrative business in 2014.


Scaling New Heights


Madison’s co-founder, Anthony Marsala, became the latest recipient of the 40 Under Forty Awards courtesy of a prime selection by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. Such an exclusive Award aims at recognizing innovative and young business leaders with stellar accomplishments in valuations and mergers in the business sector. As Madison’s CEO, Marsala boasts an impressive resume consisting of a master’s degree ad over a decade’s worth of experience.


Recognition as an Award Finalist


As a testament to their professional excellence, Madison Street Capital ceremoniously emerged as a worthy finalist in the M&A Advisor Awards in the 2016 summer. Beneficiaries of such a prestigious award are selected based on their remarkable acquisition, financing and restructuring deals. Additionally, Madison’s acute business acumen which heavily contributed to industrial mergers valued at $100 million also played a crucial role in the selection process.


Role Played by Madison’s Investment Projects


As the sole advisor at ARES Security, Madison played an integral role in various investment transactions revolving around subordinated debt and minority recapitalization on behalf of the company. Based in Virginia, the security software provider provides state-of-the-art protection to computer systems in government agencies and nuclear power plants.


About Madison Street Capital


For over a decade, Madison Street Capital has cemented its status as a premium provider of financing solutions to investment banks, private equity entities, corporations and independent clients.


Madison firmly believes in the importance of forging strong partnerships with like-minded businesses across the U.S. Through such dedication, the company has catapulted itself to a prime position in meeting clients ‘needs as well as supporting philanthropic activities handled by various organizations. Madison Street Capital reputation is undeniably inked in history books.

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