Securus Technologies Paving The Way For Detainee Correspondence

Securus Technologies, a main supplier of common and criminal equity innovation answers for open well being, examination, revisions and observing, talked about in detail the fate of detainee correspondences and security, and how we are driving advantages to prisoners, companions/family, remedies and law requirement, and all of society.


The future condition for a positive detainment encounter likely incorporates these directional traits:


  • Reduced valuing for prisoners
  • Increased items for prisoners
  • Greater convenience of all items
  • Additional video calling
  • Tablet and shrewd gadget infiltration at 100%
  • Increased use of all items by detainees
  • Improved instruction open doors for detainees
  • Improved work prospect open doors for detainees
  • Better medicinal services characterized as speedier and higher quality human services for prisoners


“Similarly as correspondences have changed drastically finished the last ten (10) years for the overall population, interchanges will decidedly impact what happens to the detainment encounter throughout the following ten (10) years,” said Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Securus Technologies. “We can utilize the items that we have and will grow more items to spare lives and anticipate and fathom wrongdoings, and to gain noteworthy ground on the future redresses condition featured previously.


“Later on, once a detainee is set up for a jail or correctional facility, they will have the capacity to utilize our gadget OR THEIR DEVICE to speak with affirmed people, with secure and recorded voice, video, content or email messages with basically moment subsidizing of their records – over a concentrated stage with a low for every moment rate, with access to databases to give instruction, employments, books, tunes, medicinal consideration, legitimate assets, safeguard bondsmen, supermarket – all things that a prisoner would require. Furthermore, we are moderately near giving everything that I just demonstrated today,” remarked Smith.


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and serving more than 3,450 open wellbeing, law requirement and revisions organizations and more than 1,200,000 prisoners crosswise over North America, Securus Technologies is resolved to serve and associate by giving crisis reaction, occurrence administration, open data, examination, biometric investigation, correspondence, data administration, detainee self-administration, and checking items and administrations to make our reality a more secure place to live. Securus Technologies concentrates on associating what matters. To take in more about our full suite of common and criminal equity innovation arrangements, please visit