Avaaz: Leveraging the Internet to Promote Global Activism

The internet has facilitated interactions among hundreds of millions of people. According to Statista, there were over 3.5 billion people on the internet in 2017. Many people have devised various ways of benefitting from the enormous number of internet users, but Avaaz—a civic organization—is out to assist internet users in promoting global activism.

Avaaz, popularly known as the world’s most extensive and most efficient online activist network, was founded in 2007, with a mission to empower millions of people to take action on pressing issues afflicting humanity. Such issues include climate change, corruption, conflict, poverty, etc. It is through empowering as many people as possible that institutions and leaders will be held accountable. Avaaz is present in over 194 countries, resulting in over 46 million members.

Avaaz’s online presence is beyond reproach. Through the group’s website, members and non-members can initiate petition (s). While the tool used to create petitions is available for all and sundry, Avaaz has mechanisms that are used to determine whether a petition meets the standards of the group or not. When Avaaz’s team of specialist receives a potential petition, they send out tester emails to 10 thousand Avaaz’s members. The tester emails are meant to seek the opinions of the members regarding the petition in question. If the petition receives substantial support, all Avaaz’s members are requested to participate in it.

Avaaz does not shy away from documenting its success. The group’s website is littered with its achievements, ranging from challenging Monsanto, spearheading discussions around climate change, and fostering global support for refugees. Other Avaaz’s accomplishments include keeping the internet free and open for all, initiating oceans conservation measures, and urging Brazilians to rise against runway corruption in their country.

The U.S-based Avaaz was established in 2007, through the concerted efforts of various organizations and professionals. Res Publica, MoveOn.org, and Service Employees International are among Avaaz’s founding organizations. Avaaz is currently under the leadership of Ricken Patel, who is also the founding partner of the group.

Hussain and Trump — A Title Winning Team of Real Estate

The Chairman of DAMAC has allied with Donald Trump and possibilities of larger enterprise are awesome. Hussain Sajwani is a philanthropic guy. He has given AED 2 million to a nearby homeless child and clothing campaign. The cash he has donated will make sure charities round the sector clothe children in need. The Ramadan Initiative is what the charity is being known as. It was released by using Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum along with the VP of Dubai. The donations will continue the efforts to offer food and clothes for the youngsters of need throughout the sector. Many go to sleep without right food, clothing, and refuge every year and the management has set out to save them and alternate this.


Hussain Sajwani and the Hussain Sajwani family are the owners of important properties across the united states of america and Saudi Arabia. They created and own a big real estate company known as DAMAC properties. Because the DAMAC owners know their purpose is to make the usual living accomodations around the world much more luxurious. This year they’ll offer blankets and meals to over 50,000 children who are homeless and needy. Because the young people are the destiny of our nations, Hussein Sajwani desires to do his component to ensure they have got the nicest probabilities for optimum growth. They should get a good beginning in life and a truthful chance at happiness and growth.


The DAMAC owner has completed more than eight thousand units all through the middle east and they are nevertheless developing. They have been one of the most important real estate development firms inside the middle east in recent years and they are one of the largest within the world. They have constructed golf courses, luxurious motels, and apartment complexes. The quantity of wealth this is produced by way of DAMAC Property can only be compared to the output of Donald Trump. The 2 have partnered for a couple of projects over time and could maintain to do more.


Hussain Sajwani is a billionaire developer of condominium complexes and comfort compounds. Before the election, he and Donald Trump made a business deal to construct a new golfing course. The two have collaborated on Trump international golf course and expect the mission to price someplace in the billion dollar range. Concerns have been raised amidst the deal and capabilities; however, Trump and Sajwani have much confident and have assured the public that their non-public business will not intrude with politics.


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