Of Birds, Bees, Bumble And Whitney Wolfe

Bumble is an app-based dating service. It uses location-based algorithms, similar to ride-hailing services. The company was founded by Whitney Wolf. The app can be used on both, iOS and Android devices. The way the app works is simple. For heterosexual matchups, the lady using the app has to commence the chatting process.

In Homosexual situations, both parties can start the chat. The user profile is first set up using Facebook. After reaching out to someone, the recipient has 24 hours to respond.

Launched in 2014, by Whitney Wolfe Bumble immediately became a success. Part of the reason for this is that women are the ones who initiate the whole process. This gave women a more secure feeling before setting off into the big, intimidating world of dating. Going by the reviews this app is getting, women are happy with it. Men are happy also because it takes much of the load off their shoulders in terms of having to constantly try and contact the ladies. Another reason for Bumbles success is that it does a good job of keeping clients information private. The other person only sees the senders info on a need to know basis. Whatever bugs the app may have had, has been ironed out.

Whitney Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City and graduated from Southern Methodist University. However, after having lived in other places such as Paris, France, she has had a cosmopolitan view on the world. The business bug bit Whitney early in life. At age 19 she started out by selling bamboo tote bags. From there she went on to work with several companies. The big break came when she became the vice-president for marketing for Tinder. After leaving it, she started Bumble in Austin, Texas.

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