Securus Technologies Paving The Way For Detainee Correspondence

Securus Technologies, a main supplier of common and criminal equity innovation answers for open well being, examination, revisions and observing, talked about in detail the fate of detainee correspondences and security, and how we are driving advantages to prisoners, companions/family, remedies and law requirement, and all of society.


The future condition for a positive detainment encounter likely incorporates these directional traits:


  • Reduced valuing for prisoners
  • Increased items for prisoners
  • Greater convenience of all items
  • Additional video calling
  • Tablet and shrewd gadget infiltration at 100%
  • Increased use of all items by detainees
  • Improved instruction open doors for detainees
  • Improved work prospect open doors for detainees
  • Better medicinal services characterized as speedier and higher quality human services for prisoners


“Similarly as correspondences have changed drastically finished the last ten (10) years for the overall population, interchanges will decidedly impact what happens to the detainment encounter throughout the following ten (10) years,” said Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Securus Technologies. “We can utilize the items that we have and will grow more items to spare lives and anticipate and fathom wrongdoings, and to gain noteworthy ground on the future redresses condition featured previously.


“Later on, once a detainee is set up for a jail or correctional facility, they will have the capacity to utilize our gadget OR THEIR DEVICE to speak with affirmed people, with secure and recorded voice, video, content or email messages with basically moment subsidizing of their records – over a concentrated stage with a low for every moment rate, with access to databases to give instruction, employments, books, tunes, medicinal consideration, legitimate assets, safeguard bondsmen, supermarket – all things that a prisoner would require. Furthermore, we are moderately near giving everything that I just demonstrated today,” remarked Smith.


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and serving more than 3,450 open wellbeing, law requirement and revisions organizations and more than 1,200,000 prisoners crosswise over North America, Securus Technologies is resolved to serve and associate by giving crisis reaction, occurrence administration, open data, examination, biometric investigation, correspondence, data administration, detainee self-administration, and checking items and administrations to make our reality a more secure place to live. Securus Technologies concentrates on associating what matters. To take in more about our full suite of common and criminal equity innovation arrangements, please visit


Securus Technologies Keeping Officers in Prison Safe

Every day that I should up for work at the local prison, I know I may not be coming home to my family due to the violence of the inmates. There are many inmates in our prison who are there for life, and hurting or killing one more person will not change the time they are going to be in jail. That being said, me and my fellow corrections officers have to work tirelessly to keep things out of the jail that these inmates could use to hurt us or others in the facility.


We spend a considerable amount of time each day in the visitor center looking for any exchanges between inmates and guests. My team does full body checks of both inmates and guests, trying to eliminate the chance of them having anything on them they can use to hurt someone else. We even take time to do surprise cell inspections in the hopes of rounding up anything that may have gotten by all those check points.


Securus Technologies is responsible for the new inmate call monitoring system that we now use to listen more intently to what goes on when the inmates use the phones. The new system does the work of several officers, and is currently installed in over two thousand jails. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, talks about how all 1,000 employees of his Dallas-based company are working to the objective of creating a safer world for all to live.


Once trained to work the LBS software, we discovered chatter from inmates concerning hiding weapons out in the yard. We picked up on calls from inmates discussing how to sneak drugs into the visitor center. We even heard inmates brag about doing drugs after lights out. Each time we get an alert, we take immediate action to secure the facility.

Securus Technologies, the Leading Civil and Criminal Justice Technology Solutions

Securus Technologies is a leading American technology company that offers criminal and civil justice solutions to correction and law enforcement agencies in North America. According to customers, the technology used by Securus has enabled them to prevent and solve crimes thus improving the prison facilities.


Securus Technologies Services


Securus receives numerous letters and emails containing positive feedback about how the services they offer help keep inmates and society safe. Securus Technologies has also redacted references that are specific to certain facility names, counties and states in a bid to protect innocent civilians. The company also comes up innovative and new products and services on a weekly basis to help corrections and law enforcement officials prevent and solve crimes.

Commentary on the use of Securus Technology


Securus Technologies published selected comments from customers in the prison facilities on October 2016. The comments were based on the use of the company’s technology to assist in the prevention and solution of crimes in the area. Below is a sample of a formal letter that was received from a prison official in United States.


“Monitoring of calls revealed information on inmates use of alcohol, sale of drugs within the facility, threats, use of cellular devices to transfer drug money and a civilian admitting the sale of drugs at a discounted price.”


Securus Technologies Background information


Securus Technologies offers its services to more than 3450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies that handle over 1,200,000 inmates. The company serves people across North America but has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.


The Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Securus Technologies is known as Richard Smith. Mr Smith aims at being the top phone provider for correction facilities by providing them with information on investigations, inmate self-service, biometric analysis and emergency . I would highly recommend that you visit to learn more on solutions for criminal and civil justice technology.