Avaaz: Leveraging the Internet to Promote Global Activism

The internet has facilitated interactions among hundreds of millions of people. According to Statista, there were over 3.5 billion people on the internet in 2017. Many people have devised various ways of benefitting from the enormous number of internet users, but Avaaz—a civic organization—is out to assist internet users in promoting global activism.

Avaaz, popularly known as the world’s most extensive and most efficient online activist network, was founded in 2007, with a mission to empower millions of people to take action on pressing issues afflicting humanity. Such issues include climate change, corruption, conflict, poverty, etc. It is through empowering as many people as possible that institutions and leaders will be held accountable. Avaaz is present in over 194 countries, resulting in over 46 million members.

Avaaz’s online presence is beyond reproach. Through the group’s website, members and non-members can initiate petition (s). While the tool used to create petitions is available for all and sundry, Avaaz has mechanisms that are used to determine whether a petition meets the standards of the group or not. When Avaaz’s team of specialist receives a potential petition, they send out tester emails to 10 thousand Avaaz’s members. The tester emails are meant to seek the opinions of the members regarding the petition in question. If the petition receives substantial support, all Avaaz’s members are requested to participate in it.

Avaaz does not shy away from documenting its success. The group’s website is littered with its achievements, ranging from challenging Monsanto, spearheading discussions around climate change, and fostering global support for refugees. Other Avaaz’s accomplishments include keeping the internet free and open for all, initiating oceans conservation measures, and urging Brazilians to rise against runway corruption in their country.

The U.S-based Avaaz was established in 2007, through the concerted efforts of various organizations and professionals. Res Publica, MoveOn.org, and Service Employees International are among Avaaz’s founding organizations. Avaaz is currently under the leadership of Ricken Patel, who is also the founding partner of the group.

Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions: A Powerful Ally in Retirement Planning

Small businesses, families, and individuals in the Austin area seeking to maximize their investment portfolios and plan for retirement have access to a powerful ally in Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. Blair’s dedication and knowledge in the financial arena coupled with his family’s teaching background led him to start the company in 1994. Today, Wealth Solutions, a Registered Investment Advisory firm out of Austin Texas, provides a positive impact on its clients’ present and future financial well-being through a well-rounded, customized approach known as the Three Pillars.


Each of the three pillars focuses on a specific time frame in an individual or company’s financial life. Pillar 1 assesses the client’s present status, identifying short and long-term financial goals. During this time, Blair determines intrinsic and extrinsic opportunities such as assets, debts, liquidity requirements, strengths, risk tolerance, and growth potential. He then customizes his approach to meet set goals and objectives. Pillar 2 focuses on developing and implementing plans which meet the client’s financial investment requirements in the long-term. This is the time when Richard’s knowledge and inherent talents allow him to tailor his strategies to the volatility of the markets in order to maximize investment portfolios.


Once objectives are identified and strategies are implemented, Blair works with his clients to ensure asset protection through advisement regarding long-term care options, life insurance needs, and retirement annuities. This is the third tier of a living and breathing system, during which, Richard continues to evaluate the client’s financial performance and make adjustments as required. Blair’s advice is objective and, and he consistently screens for potential conflicts of interest.


While working closely with his clients, Richard Blair’s knowledge base and advising ability have grown extensively. He graduated from the University of Houston in 1993 with a Bachelors degree in finance and has achieved multiple certifications from a number of financial programs. Presently Richard is certified as a specialist in annuities, estates, trusts, funds, taxes, and retirement income. Today, Wealth Solutions has expanded its services to areas outside of Austin, such as Marble Falls, Georgetown, Houston, Bastrop, and New Braunfels. His services allow his clients to fulfill their financial goals, plan for retirement, and enjoy the fruits of their labor afterward.


To learn more, visit http://www.wealthsolutionsria.com.

Madison Street Capital Rises Above All Odds to Become a Dominant Financial Service Provider Worldwide

Madison Street Capital is widely considered to be a top provider of financial solutions and advice to its diverse clientele worldwide. The Chicago-based institution has become adept at providing organizations and clients with premium access to credit, making smart investment decisions as well navigating tricky financial transactions. As a prominent entity in the industry, the company’s astute ability to provide merger consulting services as well as company valuation remains unmatched, this ultimately attracts well-known enterprises to its impressive portfolio.


Credit Provision


Madison Street Capital’s highly documented advisory services to Vital Care, an Illinois-based firm is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing high-quality services. With Madison’s intervention, Vital Care was in a prime position to identify suitable lenders and obtain a business loan. To attest to this fact, Vital Care’s CEO, lauded Madison’s partnership in such a lucrative business in 2014.


Scaling New Heights


Madison’s co-founder, Anthony Marsala, became the latest recipient of the 40 Under Forty Awards courtesy of a prime selection by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. Such an exclusive Award aims at recognizing innovative and young business leaders with stellar accomplishments in valuations and mergers in the business sector. As Madison’s CEO, Marsala boasts an impressive resume consisting of a master’s degree ad over a decade’s worth of experience.


Recognition as an Award Finalist


As a testament to their professional excellence, Madison Street Capital ceremoniously emerged as a worthy finalist in the M&A Advisor Awards in the 2016 summer. Beneficiaries of such a prestigious award are selected based on their remarkable acquisition, financing and restructuring deals. Additionally, Madison’s acute business acumen which heavily contributed to industrial mergers valued at $100 million also played a crucial role in the selection process.


Role Played by Madison’s Investment Projects


As the sole advisor at ARES Security, Madison played an integral role in various investment transactions revolving around subordinated debt and minority recapitalization on behalf of the company. Based in Virginia, the security software provider provides state-of-the-art protection to computer systems in government agencies and nuclear power plants.


About Madison Street Capital


For over a decade, Madison Street Capital has cemented its status as a premium provider of financing solutions to investment banks, private equity entities, corporations and independent clients.


Madison firmly believes in the importance of forging strong partnerships with like-minded businesses across the U.S. Through such dedication, the company has catapulted itself to a prime position in meeting clients ‘needs as well as supporting philanthropic activities handled by various organizations. Madison Street Capital reputation is undeniably inked in history books.

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