Richard Misshan Desgin in New York Continues to Thrive

The designer Richard Mishaan apartment in Manhattan is an interesting mix of art, furniture, sculpture, and collectibles. His residence overlooking Central Park is a family residence filled with creative design, fine paintings, and contemporary furniture. He sees his apartment as a lab constantly trying new looks and designs.

For his own design at home he uses vibrant art that makes a statement by famous painters like Andy Warhol. In one room he has a bronze chair with a heart shaped design by Eric Schmitt from Homer. In another room he has a carpet of snakes in using the colors of green red, and black.

His bedroom that he shares with wife Maria Rolfe Mishaan has a painting by David Hockney and metal bust that has a swarm of butterflies. He loves discovering new objects to decorate his apartment with as part of his passion for design. He received a B.A.from New York University and attended Columbia University School of Architecture. During his college days he apprenticed at the offices of Philip Johnson.

His design business Richard Mishaan Design does work for the hospitality industry, historical homes and showcases and residential homes. He has been in business for 25 years. His firm has created unique designs for hotels, retail spaces, and other clients.

Some of his clients have been The Shelbourne Hotel, Holiday House, and Soho. He has published two book on design Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern. Richard Misshan Design often does design for show homes that will be sold or are used to raise money for nonprofit organizations through special tours. One example is Kip’s Bay Showhouse that recently raised money for the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club. Richard Mishaan Design decorated the sitting room in this home along with other local designers.

Richard Misshan Design continues to be a thriving business offering custom furniture and innovative designs to its client.