Richard Mishaan’s Design Philosophy Is Both Luxurious and Logical

The top designers and architects in the country have gathered for 45 years now to transform a luxurious New York home. This time, the property was a 35-foot wide townhouse built by Charles Platt that is worth $26.8 million. The residence was also the former location of the China Institute in America. We asked the construction and interior design professionals about the mistakes men make most often when decorating their living spaces.


Designers advise men not to be afraid to express their sense of style in the home, even if they’re living with a significant other. Professionals also say that men should avoid buying furniture pieces they don’t really like, and should purposely get decorative accents that make them feel more at home.


Richard Mishaan Design has grown to be a top contributor of unique styles and designs. He ┬ástates that men should show off the souvenirs they’ve collected during their travels. He shares that an animal skin rug, ceremonial mask or colorful seashell can serve as an interesting conversation piece while adding color and texture to a room.


Mishaan is known for designing for some of the wealthiest clients in New York, and he’s a fan of bright colors and eccentric yet elegant statement pieces. However, he shares that he hates to see clients pass on pieces that they don’t feel are expensive enough. Mishaan says that the quality and design of a piece is much more important than the price. He also confirms that having an eye for how the piece will look in a room is essential. The designer sticks to this philosophy in his New York design shop Homer, where there are several eye-catching decorative accessories under $100.


Richard Mishaan is also the author of a new book, “Artfully Modern,” in which he showcases some of his best work and the textures, design, patterns and color schemes that make his creations complete.

Be sure to take a look at all of the design work Mishaan has to offer, his blog has insightful posts from the designer.